MEC 709II Free Position Buttplate with Hook

MEC butt hook unit

Wing elements allow it to be placed up high, at an angle and rotate around the axle
Improved shape with grooving
Steel wing holders
Improved cente block
Frits all current KK sport rifle

See my pictures of all the possible adjustement!

The free position is the logical development of the Contact for the three positions smallbore discipline. It makes sensible use of the more relaxed rules for these events. Its elements can be separately adjusted, adjustments which can take place while in position, allowing you to find your own optimal set-up in just a few minutes, made-tomea sure for your positions. Quality is a question of detail. For this reason, the pimpleson our buttplates are cast from natural latex. This is the only material which can afford a consistent friction in contact  with the shooting jacket.

The aluminium alloys are specially chosen for their stability, long life and resistant surfaces. Variable and exact adjustability in the smallest possible space is a product of our co-operation with top firms in the field of fine mechanics. They do however demand a certain amount of care on the part of the user. By looking after screws and threads, you can guarantee that your plate will function precisely over the long term.

$ 540.00 CAD