Combro CB-625 Mk4 Chronograph

The cb-625 MK4 is a compact chronoscope specifically designed for .177 and .22 air pistol / air rifle.

Use it as a tuning aid, consistency test, to get the most out of a cylinder of air / gas, to detect problems before they become serious ( e.g. leaking seals...etc. )

Also ensure the airgun is within legal specifications.

These unit are ready to go and calibrated (they no longer need the 4 digit as previous model). 
You can go further into calibration with entering the weight of the pellet you are using.

  • Easy to use
  • lightweigth
  • very accurate

Please note, these unit doesn't have the 4 digit to enter as previous model, these new unit already calibrated from the factory.

You can mount the bracket with rubber band, rubber o'ring, electrical tape....just make sure its solidly fixed. (we don't include any of theses)

$ 115.00 CAD