MEC Silence Silicone Earplugs

Silicon ear plugs with an active impluse membrane and additional filter.

Quiet and concentration go hand in hand, especially in target shooting. It is easier to focus your attention on the decisive perceptions if you are properly sound-proofed. 
The best possible solution is one which allows the necessary noise levels - such as conversation - through, but cuts out over-loud or disturbing impulses. And also of course, one which you don't notice you are wearing, because you often spend hours in the shooting position.

Now for the first time, a noise-damping system especially designed for the needs of airgun and smallbore target shooters has been developed. Together with a well-known manufacturer of hearing management systems for musicians, MEC has conceived earplugs which use two filters. A fixed membrane selectively cuts out especially loud impulses without affecting the ability to understand conversation tones. 

MEC-Silence earplugs are suited for small ear-passages. By detaching the front segment, they can be adapted to fit larger ones. The skin-friendly, smooth and soft silicon is almost unnoticeable and easy to clean. The breathable filter membranes prevent a feeling of being shut in and allow fresh air to circulate.