Sauer Comfort Trousers

“Comfort” shooting trousers are made of tough double canvas.  There is an oval cut-out with a stretch fabric insert to the left of the crotch (or to the right of the crotch for left-handed shooters). This prevents unpleasant pressure on the shooter's groin and abdomen.
Another special feature is the elastic stretch fabric insert on the inside of the left thigh (or the right thigh for left-handed shooters). This enables the wearer to spread his legs better and to bend at the knee more comfortably when shooting from the kneeling position. It also makes the trousers easier to put on.
The diagonal Velcro front closure and 5 hook-and-eye fasteners on the waistband give excellent width adjustment.
The “Comfort” model features a two-way zip fastener on the back of each trouser leg. For kneeling, these zip fasteners can be opened right up to the seat patches, preventing unpleasant pressure on the calves. At the same time, opening the top of the zip prevents bunching at the back of the knees when kneeling. The two-way zips can also be adjusted independently for the prone position.