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Gehmann #558 Foresight Basic Antiglare tube 2 Size available 18mm / 22mm

$30.00 CAD

558-18mm Foresight anti-glare tube

Push-fits to earlier irises without internal threading (1)
Screws internally to M.18 items (2) but needs 5018 collar for our M.18 foresight irises (3)
Screws internally to our M.18 and M.22 foresight lenses

558-22mm Foresight anti-glare tube

For our M.22 foresight accessories
All our foresight irises will need 5022 collar
Our M.22 lenses accept 558 direct or 558-22 with 5022 collar
Push-fits to our earlier irises without the internal thread

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