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Feinwerkbau Model P11


The P 11 model from Feinwerkbau is the ideal air pistol for clubs and beginners. High-quality workmanship combined with exceptional shooting performance and the usual Feinwerkbau quality round off this product perfectly.

The P 11 model has a total weight of only 730 grams and has a short sighting line that can be swivelled by up to +/- 5°. The rear sight can be swivelled for cant compensation and the rear sight blade (series = 4.2 mm wide) can be replaced if necessary.

The universal right/left grip (available in sizes M or S) enables versatile use. On request, the P 11 model can be upgraded with an anatomical 3-D moulded handle in a right or left version from the P 44 model series. A special sight extension is required for this.

Technical data

Total Length approx. mm 345 mm
Total Height approx. mm 135 mm
Sight Length approx. mm 290 mm
Sight Height From Barrel Center approx. mm 16 mm
Barrel Length approx. mm 183 mm
Barrel Ø // Caliber 12 mm // 4,5 mm/.177
Total Weight approx. kg 0,73 kg
Trigger Weight approx. g Trigger slack weight and trigger point weight separately adjustable, 500 g
Longitudinal Trigger Adj. mm 22 mm
Shooting Velocity V0 m/sec 145 – 155 m/sec
Schusszahl 1
Grip Beech mm
Grip Adjustment 10° tiltable, +/- 3° rotatable, tilt compensation via sights +/- 5° mm
Rear Sight Adjustable mm
Front Sight Block-type front sight 3,4 / 3,8 / 4,2 / 4,6 / 5,0 mm

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