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Feinwerkbau Steel Ball Bearing #6.5.401.0XX

$1.00 CAD

Feinwerkbau spare steel ball bearing
Genuine Feinwerkbau parts (not generic)
Please refer to your diagram for the right part number
You can contact me if you need assistance choosing the right ball bearing
Sold individually

    # 6.5.401.001 OD: 1.5mm
    # 6.5.401.002 OD: 2.0mm
    # 6.5.401.003 OD: 2.5mm
    # 6.5.401.016 OD: 3.0mm
    # 6.5.401.007 OD: 4.0mm
    # 6.5.401.004 OD: 6.0mm

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