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Gehmann E-Z Scoring Plug 177/.22/.32/.38/.45 +

$18.00 CAD

All plugs meet I.S.S.F.rules regarding diameter
Magnification assists the marker with easier judgement
Outward scoring is available for air rifle and air pistol and the inner ten gauge for air pistol only
Sprung handle avoid tearing shot holes


132 for .177/4.5mm inward 
133 for .22l.r./5.5mm inward 
133P32 for .32 inward 
133P38 for .38 inward 
133P45 for .45 inward 
132NLG outward – for air rifle
132NLP outward – for air pistol

Without magnifier:

135 for .177/4.5mm inward 
136-22 for .22l.r./5.5mm inward 
136-32 for .32 inward 
136-38 for .38 inward 
136-45 for .45 inward 
135NLG outward – for air rifle
134NLP outward – for air pistol
134LP-IT air pistol – inner 10
* .32 plug is made for 25 Meters Center Fire ISSF competition. Therefor it will score .38 because ISSF rules allowed .32 up to .38 caliber.
In other term, a .32 and .38 does have noticeable differences in size, so to be ”fair” with all shooters that shot a small .32 caliber can use the .32( plug that will score .38) to ”matched up” the .38 caliber from another shooters making it fair to all in competition.

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