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Gehmann #535 Ring-thickening iris Two-in-One

$323.00 CAD

Gehmann #535 Ring-thickening iris ‘Two-in-One’

Patented irises using one end of the foresight only
Quick and simple to adjust your sight picture
Inside iris housing are two separate irises which can be individually adjusted for inner ring diameter and thickness
Improves consistency of aim point
include spanner/key

Two separate irises incorporated inside to adjust the ring thickness
1. Inner ring diameter: 2.4 – 4.4mm
2. Outer ring diameter: 7.0 – 9.0mm

Note: To comply with the I.S.S.F. rule limiting foresight length at 50mm our cylinder 539 must replace the standard tunnel used on the Anschütz 6832 foresight

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