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Gehmann 431R Micro-adjustable sling with universal joint model CHAMPION

$162.00 CAD

431 Micro-adjustable sling with universal joint model ‘CHAMPION’
Right hand shooter

Manufactured from latest artificial non-stretch material
Two separate sections:
1. Around arm
2. To rifle
Sections are coupled through a threaded universal joint giving micrometrical length adjustment and full articulation
The threaded adjuster is easily accessible when shooting
The cuff can be tailored to the size of your upper arm with two lock-screws on the inside which pass through the sling and a buckle on the outside
A cut-out on the cuff of the sling accepts the 439 hook attached to our jackets (this item is available as a spare)
Special rubber inside the cuff eliminates creep around the arm
Universal joint gives 360° movement to remove arm pressure
Non-slip internal material and cut-out for sling hook

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